These fish stocking reports contain information on the county, waterbody, species, strain, and average length (inches) of fish stocked beginning in 1972 by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources fish hatcheries, rearing stations, ponds and cooperative ponds. These reports do not include fish stocked from private fish hatcheries. The totals in these reports reflect our record to date. The waterbody names listed in these reports are the official names. You may know the waterbody by a local name, so the legal descriptions are included for clarification. The legal description listed for lakes is either the center of the lake (landlocked lakes) or the location of the outflow. The legal description listed for streams and rivers is the location of the outflow (mouth). Fish may actually be stocked in multiple places on each waterbody. Please refer to the Disclaimer for more information on data accuracy.


Fry - a newly hatched fish that has not yet begun to feed
Small fingerling
- a fish that is older than a fry and is stocked before July 15th of its first summer
Large fingerling
- a fish that is less than a year old and is stocked after July 15th of its first summer
- a fish that is between 13-24 months of age - usually stocked in spring
- an adult/mature fish usually older than 2 years that is used as a source of eggs for rearing in hatcheries - usually stocked in spring

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